Be a part of THE BIG NIGHT: When Chicago’s Marketing Stars Come Out.

When you compete for a Tempo, you have the opportunity to join the top ranks of our industry. It's your chance to showcase your outstanding marketing strategy, creativity, innovation, and results. You also have the opportunity to showcase exceptional response marketing talent by nominating colleagues to receive recognition for their contributions to our community.

Enter Marketing Work/Campaigns & Nominate Individual Marketers

Entry/Nomination Deadline EXTENDED: March 26, 2021

Entry/Nomination Submission: Visit Tempo Submission Portal to submit your marketing work/campaign entries and individual professional nominations.

Entry/Nomination Eligibility: CADM members and non-members are eligible to enter the Tempo Awards. Any marketer, agency or company in the Chicago area and beyond who produced multi-channel marketing work/campaigns between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020 or has individual marketers who fit the criteria may enter.

Entry/Nomination Categories: Download our 2021 Tempo Category Overview PDF for a full overview of all marketing work/campaign and individual professional categories.

Entry/Nomination Sample Entry Forms: Download our sample entry forms to help prepare your online entries. 

Fees & Discounts: Our fee structure is based on 2 variables - CADM membership status and entry volume. CADM members receive a discount on entries and companies who enter 4 or more entries receive a discount on entries. If you are not a CADM Member it makes sense financially to become a member today before you submit your entries and nominations.  A CADM For Profit Membership Mid-Year Fee is $99.50 and a Not-For-Profit Membership Mid-Year Fee is $49.50 which provides you member benefits through July 31, 2021. 

  • Marketing Work/Campaign Entry Fees
    • Submit 1-3 Entries = $126.00 per entry for members/$180.00 per entry for non-members
    • Submit 4+ Entries = $94.50 per entry for members/$135.00 per entry for non-members
  • Individual Professional Nomination Fees
    • Members = FREE individual nomination(s)
    • Non-Members = $49.00 per individual nomination(s)


Become A Marketing Work/Campaign Judge

Judge Application Deadline EXTENDED: March 26, 2021
Eligibility: CADM members and non-members are eligible to judge. Judges must be multi-channel response marketers with at least 7 years experience and available to judge 25+ entries online between 4/12/21 and 5/07/21. Click here for full details.
Submitting Judge Applications: Visit Tempo Submission Portal to submit your marketing work/campaign judge application.