Tempo Award FAQ's

What are the Tempo Awards?

The CADM Tempo Awards honors Chicago's best response marketing work and professionals. When you compete for a Tempo, you have the opportunity to join the top ranks of our industry. It's your chance to showcase your outstanding marketing strategy, creativity, innovation & results. You can also showcase your exceptional response marketing talent by nominating colleagues to receive recognition for their contributions to our community.

Who can enter?
The competition is open to CADM members and non-members. The Tempo awards are open to any marketer, agency or company in the Chicago area and beyond looking to have their marketing work or colleagues recognized.  

What are the deadlines and fees?
The deadline to submit your marketing work/campaign entries and individual professional nominations has been EXTENDED to March 26, 2021. Please see the below for fee information.  You can receive discounts on your entry fees two ways - CADM membership and the volume of entries entered.  Become a member today to save on your Tempo Award entries and nominations.

Marketing Work/Campaign Entry Fees
  • Submit 1-3 Entries = $126.00 per entry for members/$180.00 per entry for non-members
  • Submit 4+ Entries = $94.50 per entry for members/$135.00 per entry for non-members

Individual Professional Nomination Fees
  • Members = FREE individual nomination(s)
  • Non-Members = $49.00 per individual nomination(s)

If you are a CADM member please email Amanda Mehrbrodt at [email protected] for your CADM Member discount code. If you are not a CADM Member it makes sense to become a member today before you submit your entries and nominations.  A CADM For Profit Membership Mid-Year Fee is $99.50 and a Not-For-Profit Membership Mid-Year Fee is $49.50 which provides you member benefits through July 31, 2021. 

What are the marketing work/campaign entry categories and requirements?

All work/campaigns entered must have been produced (mailed, aired, launched, etc.) between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020. All work/campaigns entered must be part of marketing programs designed to generate measurable response from a target audience. Measurable results are the most important criterion for judging.

There are twenty two marketing work/campaign categories total -  7 Sector Categories, 9 Channel Categories and 6 Specialty Categories. You can enter the same work/campaigns into multiple categories if it meets the criteria for multiple categories but each time you enter your work/campaign into a category it is considered a new entry and assigned an appropriate new entry fee.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 TEMPO AWARD CATEGORIES and review all of our category descriptions and requirements.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 MARKETING WORK ENTRY FORM SAMPLE as a guide to preparing your marketing work entry online submission.

All work/campaigns entries should not include any mention or logos of marketing service providers such as agencies, printers, email service providers, data vendors or any other tech service provider.  We pride ourselves on a fair competition which is why the judges do not see any information on the company/contact who submitted the entry and we require entries to not include any mention of marketing service providers and the creative uploaded to not include any mention or logos of marketing service providers.

How will the marketing work/campaigns be judged?
Each entry will be judged by a minimum of 5 marketers with 7+ years response marketing experience plus experience within the marketing category.  Each entry is judged on the following criteria: objective & strategy, creative concept, creative execution/innovation & results. APPLY TO BE A JUDGE

What are the individual professional award categories and requirements?
All individuals that are nominated must work in the Chicagoland area in the response marketing industry and meet the criteria for one of the 4 individual categories.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 CHARLES S. DOWNS RESPONSE MARKETER OF THE YEAR NOMINATION FORM SAMPLE for full details on this award and a guide for preparing your nomination.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 SUSAN KRYL SILVER MARKETER OF THE YEAR NOMINATION FORM SAMPLE for full details on this award and a guide for preparing your nomination.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 EMERGING LEADER NOMINATION FORM SAMPLE for full details on this award and a guide for preparing your nomination.

DOWNLOAD THE 2021 MENTOR OF THE YEAR NOMINATION FORM SAMPLE for full details on this award and a guide for preparing your nomination.

How are the individual nominations judged?
All individual nominations are judged by the CADM Board of Directors.

When will I be notified if one of my Marketing Work/Campaign entries and/or Individual Nominations won?
You will be contacted by the end of May 2021 with the entry and/or individual nomination that placed and what category. Awards will be presented at the Tempo Awards on Thursday June, 24, 2021.

Are there any tips to writing a successful Tempo Award Entry?
Here are 6 valuable tips for making your Tempo Award entries more effective:
  1. Read the instructions. Understand each entry category, and make sure that the work you're entering is appropriate for the category. Make sure all of your entries comply with all of the Entry Guidelines with respect to mail dates and other critical qualifying criteria. And above all, be sure to get your entries in on time. 
  2. Get the judges’ attention. Judges will be looking at more than one entry. In fact the judges will be spending days reading through entries so you need to quickly identify yourself as one to win  .A crisp, easy to understand and attractive presentation will make it obvious why it is the winner.  Be arresting in your approach and use of color, graphics and materials, but please do make the thing you’re drawing attention to easy to understand, and easy to praise.
  3. Hit the judging criteria. If there is a ‘most important’ tip, then this is it. Read the criteria and then make sure you give direct, easy to find and clear to understand answers for your entry against *ALL* of them. So, when entering:
    1. State your objectives, and how they relate to the corporate ones. While you’re at it make sure they are specific, measurable, and timed (e.g – Generate 1000 enquiries over a two week period beginning June 12)
    2. Define your audience and present any research results you have which have influenced the choices you have made
    3. Point out the innovation, and show how the design has been tailored to the audience
    4. Include how much it cost, and what the success means. If at all possible give an ROI (return on investment) number – e.g. sales generating $5m profit for a spend of $500,000 – ROI = 10
    5. Show your results, and compare them back to your objectives
  4. Keep it brief. Judges are usually spending their own time on judging. Remember that, and be nice to them. Be efficient in your use of words and space, and communicate your information quickly and efficiently. Reducing the number of pages in your entry could be very important if the judge is doing it on the train. They won’t want to carry reams of back-up information with them.
  5. Proofread and spell check. It sounds basic, but it's critical.  Double-check your text for grammatical and spelling errors. This includes any URLs that judges must use to view your work. Test all the Web addresses you provide to make sure they work—one typo in any URL will render it useless. The more accurate, clean, and understandable your entry, the better chance you have of winning.
  6. Cross your fingers! And of course, keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!