Voice Education Program

By now, you probably have heard of devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home — you may even have one or more of these at home. Voice technology is the next big disruptor; already 205.5 million devices have been sold worldwide, with many people using them daily.

Much like mobile changed consumer behavior less than a decade ago, Voice is rapidly changing how audiences search, shop and consume content. Not since the early days of the internet have we seen this kind of opportunity. The good news is smart marketers can get ahead of the competition and claim some of the wide open spaces by taking action now.

This is why the CADM is partnering with Voice Masters, an online, instructor-led program designed to get you Voice ready in 6 weeks. 

Get direct access to world leaders in the Voice industry, as they lead webinars each week to guide you through what you need to know to create the right Voice experience for your brand or business.

As part of our partnership with Voice Masters, CADM Members who register for the program will get access to an exclusive module focusing on the opportunities Voice offers for direct response marketers. 

The first cohort begins on March 4 and space is limited.

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