February Marketing Snax

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Happy February, Marketers!

Welcome to another edition of Marketing Snax. Just like the month of February, it’s short but packed full of goodness. This month being Black History Month, we especially honor the history-making Black creators who lift us up and inspire us. We’ll also show some love for direct mail and get some unique local  perspective on the Big Game. You know, that one where we’re all glued to the commercials and go to the kitchen for more potato skins while the players are running around. (If that’s you, you won’t want to miss the CADM Super Bowl  event -- a “who won, who lost” look at the ads.)


Celebrating Black Creators, Black History Month

While we work in a creative industry, we don’t always get to be as creative as we like. As we look outward for other sources of inspiration, we can find a treasure trove in Black Creators. Check out how NPR is celebrating Black History Month in its Tiny Desk series here.

Also, you can make good on the phrase “learn something new every day” and commit to anti-racism with 28 Days of Black History.


Read this before you break up with direct mail in 2021

Good old direct mail. Hard working, steadfast. While flashier new channels are great too, there’s something to be said for keeping direct mail in the mix, especially now. Did you know 37% of people in a recent survey say they look forward to receiving mail? Maybe it’s that feel of normalcy that we are all longing for. In this article, Sarah Mannone dives into some interesting stats about direct mail and why you might want to show this channel some love in 2021.


He Said, She Said Super bowl

What happens when a Creative Strategist and a Creative Director tackle Super Bowl advertising in today’s digital world? Find out in Emma and Colin’s latest discussion.

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