April Marketing Snax

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Hello there! CADM Marketing Snax here, delivering a shot of fresh marketing news ... and believe me, it will be a lot easier than getting a vaccine appointment. With graduation around the corner, we’ll have a lead on virtual job fairs in Chicago for students who might soon be launching their marketing careers. This goes hand-in-hand with a CADM panel later this month on the topic of “What I Wish I Knew Before I Got My First Job in Marketing.” It’s free for students and you can find more info here. We’ll also take a bite into blog post writing and podcasts. Dig in!


Get your first real job at a virtual job fair

Heads up future marketers! There is an online resource called Virtual Job Fair that connects you with hiring managers from top companies in Chicago for a variety of jobs. It’s a part of the new GET HIRED initiative that Governor Pritzker announced on 5/14/20. Job seekers, read about what you can do to prepare for a Virtual Job Fair and what to expect when attending an event. If you’re an employer interested in participating or hosting an event, there’s info for you here, too. This month on April 23rd there is a Video Chicago Diversity Employment event and on April 26th there will be a Chicago Virtual Job Fair. Check it out


How to get people to read what you are putting out there ... or not!

Writing blog articles is a lot of fun, says the person writing this one at her kitchen table on a Sunday. If your goal is to get people to read your content and potentially have a positive encounter with your brand, there are a few basic principles. It’s sort of like meeting someone at a party. Are you that guy or gal who just talks about himself/herself until people are glancing at their Apple Watches and saying they need to go freshen their beverages? You don’t want to be that style of blog. In this witty article by Kelly Bradley of Colman, Brohan and Davis Marketing, she agrees by outlining just how to write a blog post nobody will read. Read this one.


One of the many things to blossom in spite of and maybe because of quarantine life is podcasts. They are easier than ever to create with apps like Anchor and a great way to share thought leadership to engaged listeners. They have given voice to many. Plus, now that the weather is getting milder in Chicago, there’s nothing like popping in your ear buds and going for a long walk while your favorite podcast provides the soundtrack. If you’re a marketing nerd like us, there is no shortage of marketing podcasts to inform and entertain. Here are the top 30 marketing podcasts you won’t want to miss in 2021, a list curated by a guy who makes, what else, marketing. Press play

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