May Marketing Snax

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Happy May, Marketers!

Welcome to another edition of Marketing Snax, bite-sized marketing news we’ve come across and delivered to your inbox faster than Postmates. How on Earth is it May already? We hope you are enjoying more sunshine and greenery and your KPI’s are blossoming. In this issue, we’ll:  

  • Look at how some brands are plying people with brewskis for data
  • Get inspired as leaders with three qualities that matter right now
  • Find out what the heck NFT’s are and how they impact marketing.

Help yourself to a plateful!


Beer plus friends and you’ve got a party ... or maybe first party data?

With a cookie-less future looming, what length will brands go to in order to acquire your first party data? In this article, marketers try beer, burritos and even cash. Read more

SNACK 2:              

Leaders gotta lead: Three key traits for today’s leaders.

Do you lead a team of marketers or aspire to be a leader? Gain insights on what leadership qualities people need at this moment in time. We’ve all experienced quite a year to say the least and this article offers three key traits that will help you be the light your team might need. Lead the way


WTF are NFT’s and what marketers should know

The buzz about NFT’s is everywhere. It is truly something to wrap your brain around. In simplest terms, an NFT is a digital asset that trades like cryptocurrency except for the fact that each unit is not exchangeable. So in crypto terms, bitcoin would be like a dollar and NFT would be like a piece of artwork. Savvy marketers are finding some interesting ways to leverage this new world of NFT’s. Find out more

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