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CADM Partners

Aqua Story Lab aligns with client partners to deliver new customer acquisition, eNurture, social engagement and, most recently, virtual conference thinking and execution. We drive client differentiation in the marketplace through consumer package design, branding and a proprietary approach to messaging. Recent deliverables include video, display, social, direct mail, print, podcast, email and product packaging; driving results for clients across several industries, including FinTech, Credit Card, Business Banking, CPG and Nonprofit.

Bob Vevang, Founder and Managing Director

At Kryl & Company, we develop and implement response marketing and creative strategies, especially in the B2B sector. We are passionate about watching the bottom line for our clients, always searching for efficient tactics to engage prospects and retain customers. Specialities include healthcare, nonprofit, and publishing.

Susan Kryl, President
[email protected]

Schwab Group is an Independent Manufacturers Representative firm started in 2013 and we are passionate about building smarter and living better. Schwab Group markets, sells and represents building envelope construction products in Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Wisconsin.

Brad Schwab

Tin Cup is a start-up agency providing creative direction, strategy, print and digital design to small and medium size companies. Specializing in the financial service industry and non-profit sector.

Rosann Bartle, Owner
[email protected]